'Cotton Mouth' by Tschabalala Self at Eva Presenhuber Gallery

MAD54 brings you to Tschabalala Self’s debut solo-exhibition at Eva Presenhuber Gallery. The exhibition encompasses sculptures, drawings, paintings with stitched elements and, an audio piece in which the artist reflects on her practice.

Self’s addition of stitched elements to her paintings create an illusion of a multimedia collage. Her distinct technique of adding other materials to the canvas, such as clothing and various fabrics, employs pure needle and thread. By doing this, Self pays homage to her mother, who used to make clothing for her and her family.

Self’s work is inspired by Black pop culture in America and the perceptions of black people. She creates characters that “hold power over their self-presentation and external perception. A power frequently denied to Black American people in their daily lives''.

‘Cotton Mouth’ addresses the mythologies of Black America, passed on generation to generation by word of mouth and storytelling. The exhibition presents and embodies Black pop culture in America without leaving out its roots and origins. It addresses the ways in which Black pop culture has been and is treated as a commodity, so easily taken out of context by people who ignore its history.

"Black pop culture is the oral history of the contemporary black mythology, within Black pop culture, all ideas, contemporary, fiction and fact, become collapsed into one cohesive, one ever evolving, inconsistent but consistent narrative around blackness... the kind of blackness I possess." - Tschabalala Self

Don't miss out on this great exhibition, on view through January 23rd, 2021 at Eva Presenhuber's Great Jones Street location.