Dare Me by Alyssa Klauer at Olympia

We had the pleasure of having a guided visit by Maria Vogel - curator of “Dare Me” - where she tells us more about the body of works that make up Alyssa Klauer’s first solo exhibition at Olympia. Check out our Instagram Reels for the full walk through here.

Klauer’s body of works include "hyper-feminine" elements or what has traditionally been considered “girly”. At the same time she uses bright, neon colors and includes almost ghostly parts of human figures, creating an aesthetic that is uniquely hers. Although her works often include allusion to figures, there is never a full body in her works.

"Alyssa Klauer’s work summons in worlds that exist in alternative realms, not entirely dissimilar to our own human existence, but full of more mysticism and enchantment than we encounter on this planet. Viewing Klauer’s work is akin to taking a walk through the visual landscape of her imagination."

Alyssa Kaluer's works depict a melting point of often parallel worlds and experiences: inner and external. The title of the exhibition, Dare Me, refers to the moment in which a decision to stay within the familiar (inner world) or jump into the unknown (external world) is being made. Klauer makes reference to art historical elements in her paintings as well as to cartoons - a balancing act between seriousness and innocence.

"Dare Me" will be on view at Olympia on 41 Orchard Street through August 11, 2021. Learn more about this exhibition on Olympia's website.


Alyssa Kaluer is a Brooklyn-based artist who has just been awarded the prestigious 2021-2022 NXTHVN fellowship. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017 and her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2019.