Futura 2020 at Eric Firestone Gallery

Hailing from the early street art scene of the 70s in NYC, Futura 2000 now stands as a pioneer of graffiti and multimedia art. After a long break from the gallery scene, he is now back with a solo exhibition at the Eric Firestone Gallery in Soho.


The show titled Futura 2020 and extended from December 28 to January 9th due to popular demand features 25 new paintings over the full two floors of the gallery. Recurring themes from his early work resurfaces such as his interest with technology, mechanical objects, and science fiction.

“FUTURA2000 employs spray paint with virtuoso precision, creating a thin, refined line, contrasted by larger mists of color areas, and gestural brush marks.” - Eric Firestone Gallery

From left to right: INDECISION, 2020, INSPIRATION, 2020 & INTUITION, 2020

In his early 20s, he introduced the use of abstraction whilst tagging subway cars, unlike many of his peers that instead focused on lettermaking. This brought him early fame and status, including being featured at MoMA PS1’s landmark 1981 exhibition “New York / New Wave” along Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.

Detail: POLL WATCHERS, 2020

Futura’s constant search for new mediums to express his creativity brought him away from the gallery scene after collaborating with british rock band ‘The Clash’ designing their Vinyl sleeve covers and live artmaking during their performances.

During the 90s, Futura spearheaded the nascent bespoke streetwear industry, collaborating with the likes of Zoo York, Subware, and more recently with brands such as Off-White, Supreme, Nike Comme des Garçons, Louis Vuitton, and even a limited edition of BMW M2 each with interior elements hand painted by Futura himself.

As one of the last artists of his generation still active, this comeback to the ‘Fine Arts’ world seemed long overdue, and we will be watching closely how his practice evolves from here!

Left: CONCAVE, 2020 Right: CONVEX, 2020

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