Nexus Singularity Takeover at Andrew Edlin

Andrew Edlin, gallery specialized in Art Brut and Outsider Art is currently hosting an exhibition curated by Aarne Anton Nexus Singularity Takeover and will be on view through August 13, 2021.

Aarne Anton, a long-time collector and dealer of outsider art temporarily closed his gallery "American Primitive" during the peak of the pandemic in 2020. He began showcasing art on his front porch at his Harriman State Park home in Rockland County, New York. He called this "pop-up" Nexus Singularity.

"The venerable art dealer created a space to show artworks behind an old weathered door that had been a backdrop for his photo shoots."

The current show at Andrew Edlin is precisely a pop-up version of Nexus Singularity, this time not in Rockland County but in the heart of New York City. Although the exhibition this time is not behind an old weathered door, Aarne's home's door travelled to the city to become part of the exhibition!

Nexus Singularity Takeover showcases works from a range of self-taught artists and anonymous pieces of folk art and vernacular objects. Amongst the artists are Eugene Andolsek, Charles Benefiel, Larry Calkins, JJ Cromer, Curtis Cuffie, Daniel Martin Diaz, Sam Gant, Edward Nagrodzki, Robert Sholties, Ionel Talpazan, Terry Turrell and Purvis Young, as well as a number of unknown creators.

MAD54 had the opportunity to attend the opening night of the exhibition where both curator Aarne Anton and gallery owner Andrew Edlin were present. It was a great sight to see so many art enthusiasts coming together to celebrate a beautiful curation of outsider art.


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